2018 – 10th Anniversary World Tour! (Last presentations)

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 For this special year of celebration, we are happy and honored to have confirmed presentations in Prague (Czech Republic), Zagreb (Croatia), Vienna (Austria), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), Amsterdam (Holland), La Haya (Holland), Lisbon (Portugal), Cagliari (Italy), Novi Sad (Serbia), Timisoara (Romania) & Formentera (Spain), and we are close to confirmed a tour in USA (LA, NY, Reno, Phoenix and Pittsburgh).

First announcements (complete information in “Next Stops” link)
Waiting the official posters of next presentations in Novi Sad, Serbia (August 23-28), Timisoara, Romania (August 31- Sept 2), and Formentera, Spain (Sept 4-12), we’ll take a look about last presentations of the tour.
PRAGUE: 4-7 June/Junio: 


 Praga 3
ZAGREB: 9-10 June/Junio: 

Zagreb 2

BRUSSELS: 17 June/Junio:

Bruselas 2

AMSTERDAM: 23 June/Junio:

Flyer Amsterdam

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