2018 Next: Lièje & Aachen!

Our 2018 tour already had presentations in Prague (Czech Republic), Zagreb (Croatia), Barcelona (Spain), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (Holland),  Novi Sad (Serbia), Timisoara (Romania) & Formentera (Spain), and we are preparing the next ones: :

1) LIÈJE, BELGIUM: Nov. 4 (night)

2) AACHEN, Germany: Nov. 4 (afternoon)

Last stops were:

NOVI SAD, SERBIA: August 23-26

Novi Sad

The next stop of CINEFILIA TANGUERA in the 10 YEARS tour will be in Serbia, as part of the featival NOVI SAD TANGO CITY, produced by Dejan Lukic.*
La siguiente presentación de CINEFILIA TANGUERA, en su gira de 10º Aniversario, será en Serbia, como parte del festival NOVI SAD TANGO CITY, producido por Dejan Lukic.

TIMISOARA, Romania: Aug. 31 / Sept 2

Afiche Timisoara
After Serbia, CINEFILIA TANGUERA will continue the tour in the wonderful city of Timisoara, for the first time in Romania, in an special event organized by Cristina Daju & Tango Arte*
Tras Serbia, CINEFILIA TANGUERA continuará la gira en la bella ciudad de Timisoara, por primera vez en Rumania, en un evento especial producido por Cristina Daju & Tango Arte.



FORMENTERA, Spain: Sept 10-11


As part the 10th anniversary tour, CINEFILIA TANGUERA will be present in Spain, in the  FESTIVALITO DE TANGO DE FORMENTERA, organized by Jackie Katz.
Como parte de la gira del 10º aniversario, CINEFILIA TANGUERA se presentará en España, en el FESTIVALITO DE TANGO DE FORMENTERA, organizado por Jackie Katz.




The complete  2018 World Tour will be shortly announced


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